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CARUS Edition 7 collection is focusing on creating enduring, timeless, one-of-a-kind luxury handbags. The CARUS founders define four themes each year with 7 lovingly curated and designed models addressing the allegory. Crafted by their most experienced artisans in the most dedicated core facility of the design transformation, our prototype room.

We discovered this gilded silver Sacré Coeur or Sacred Heart Ex-voto (from the Latin phrase ex-voto suscepto, meaning ‘from the vow made’) in an exclusive antique shop in the eights arrondissement in Paris. Ex-votos were and still are carried as devotional objects and to give thanks for granted wishes, prayers and intentions. 

Our bag makers carefully mold 7 precious and unique objects d'art, discovered across Europe, into the outer layers of the CARUS bag.

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