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was brought to life with the wish to share our love for contemporary design with the constant demand for change and up to date colour codes.


For those who understand the value of beautiful hand-made bags in the highest manufacturing quality, we create a perpetual concept of individualisation. 


Handmade quality in our atelier

More than 25 years experience in translating design into life long lasting products made out of natural fabrics and leather. The craftsmanship and technical knowledge of our most experienced workers, gifted men and women, are what makes the CARUS Design team.


CARUS aim is to enable you to create your individual colourful leathergoods, your own masterpiece. Keep it for a season or for a lifetime. Refresh it's color code whenever you feel like it. 


Three Sizes
Large, Medium and Mini


The CARUS Bag is manufactured in our own workshop in three sizes. The design is a contemporary classic shape which never goes out of style. It consists of an outer body, made of finest full grain leather sourced from trusted suppliers, and an inner canvas bag. 

Heavy quality canvas and premium metal parts, such as zippers and metal loop rings, allow to switch colour concepts and use it as a personal statement piece over a lifetime.

CARUS understands the value for money. We offer bags where functionality meets fashion and the value is manyfold. Instead, you may wish collecting a lot of them because the irresistible colours, excellent quality and practicality will always make you want to add the bags to the cart.  Try and be enchanted with constantly changing moods and combinations.

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