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The Full Story


Carus is deeply rooted in Hong Kong and was founded by the designer Kan "Summer" Tsoi. She started her career in the year 1994 as a fashion designer. After creating designs for clients in Japan, together with her brother, she started her own production site in China. From the beginning, uncompromising craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of her creations were the supporting pillars of her success. After running her own leather good line for the Chinese market, Kan is now launching her own brand CARUS out of Hong Kong. Carus is a playful combination of design, art, the dedication to excellent materials and her personal experience how to manufacture a true and long lasting series of masterpieces.   

By allowing to change the inner bags as well as the outer leather shell individually, we are able to adapt to the personal taste and lifestyle of our clients and allow them to  create their own colour codes. Each bag is somewhat individual and the continuous sourcing of new materials and colours will enrich the versatility of a CARUS bag again and again and again. The concept also allows us to establish a variety of products which are in alignment with the personal attitude of the user by selecting only vegan material or allowing them to adapt to new fashion trends without replacing the entire bag. 

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